The hues change as the sky brightens.
The wind rises through the leaves
with a coming storm meant for the sea.
The birds sing as the sunrise hits.
The day has begun to cycle again.

Copyright 2000, Valerie Blondeau


A new day dawns
with the sky ever-changing
in color, hue and brightness.

With the dawn comes
the will, alertness and wishes
of something more...

The song of the birds,
changes in the weather,
and smells in the air tantalize me.

Thoughts run rampant
as I get up out of bed
to see the sunrise.

Hello new day!
Good tidings to you
and whispering stories resume.

Copyright 2000, Valerie Blondeau


Awake or asleep they come
visions, voices, volleys and vaccuums.
Good or bad
they live a life of their own.

One to love
another to hate
once more it comes
never too late.

Running through the streets
or standing on a hill
The vision seems far away
or better still peaceful.

Faces, places, races and paces
all encompass the world within
Fears, tears, gears and leers
people follow the outside in.

Slam goes the door
never to let them in.
Go away to the curious
This is private, mine, akin.

Only one stands out inside
with a look, stance, a peer.
A gentle hand, kiss
Awaken feelings long buried here.

Face on the wall, stays within
Remembered, felt, dancing attendance
as I look forward to the day
Where there's naught but a chance.

Copyright 2000, Valerie Blondeau

My Wish

I wish to be there
lying with you
with my hair splayed
across your chest,
my fingers spread through
the curls scratching gently
finger pads stroking
your soft gentle skin.

I wish to be with you
to watch you learn, live and love.

I wish for you to be with me
to watch the same things.

My wish to see you lives
through a love borne o'er years,
upon the star's first wish
to the last waking thought
of your smile, your touch,
your very being.

Copyright 2000, Valerie Blondeau

Many Doors

Where I hide and what I do
are two different things
that slide here, appear there,
watch and wait and dream.

Through the first door is
a section of peace where
I see my daughter by candlelight
grinning at the flame.

Through the second is
a path through the trees
so tall and animal noises

Third is a place with buttercups
and cows and horses spotted
over a field with a little
hill in the middle for me.

Fourth encompasses the water
be it the river, canal or sea
that I have ridden on a boat
canoe, paddleboat, raft or ferry too.

Fifth are my friends that have gone.
Each friend has their own chair
to sit and chat with me.

Sixth are the special ones
who have given me insight into
myself throughout the years.
Even though they are gone
their memories live on.

Seventh, my favorite, are
my adventures up to the age
of ten. I can remember
under the cottage, out of doors
and when.

Eighth is my curiosity
that whittles away with
time all the things that
I have done and lessons
still to be learned.

Ninth stands out with each
airplane I have been on or flown.
Lines so perfect, sleek and shiny
as the sky outlines them each day.

Tenth gathers my boyfriends
past time with them and their
influence rests.

Eleventh and onward are the
things I have learned over
the years.
Each special place has room
for more knowledge there.

Twelfth is reserved for my
stuffed animals that care.
They soften the blows of each
day as it unwinds and unfolds.

Copyright 2000, Valerie Blondeau

Your lips...

Seduction slowly tantalizes me
with soft lips such as yours.
You entice and coerse with
little licks and deep swipes
exploring the white stalactites
and stalagmites of my cavern.

To pleasure and please
pout gently as I nibble,
caress and follow my tongue
on its journey through the
heated, moist cave
of your sensuous soul.

I long to tease again
illiciting responses not
too often felt or seen;
as you warily take up
on this journey into
my own pleasing manner.

Follow me,
Mingle with mine,
Delight our souls
just like wine.
Take heart in the moment
to explore a new day and time.

Copyright 2000, Valerie Blondeau


In life you look at each other,
but you also look to the future.
Your own paths should be a composite
of yourself that can be discussed and discovered
at length with your friend and partner.

Finding out new things that
each of you like and do
makes for a world to explore
within a bigger world to explore
and an adventure together.

Living day to day,
hour by hour,
and minute by minute
is for the lonely.

Living with each other,
within and without
enriches life to the fullest
because being together
shares the day and onward.

Love takes on a whole new
meaning in friendship.
Love blossoms when you discover
yourself in the mirror
echoed in the soul of another.

Copyright 2000, Valerie Blondeau

Gamer Friend

Black hair and shades top a bright star who's made
So many an idea, story, plan of music, art and hands
To wander in amongst those friends whose values laid
With and around gamers online and in bands.

Playing pool, drinking and meeting new
Writing lyrics and reading books
Come dance with me Sue
You have the best looks!

Chasing that bright light called compansionship
She follows and looks and inquires hence
A day that hasn't gone by isn't hip
If she didn't drool or mingle amongst the man's fence.

Loving and living are two separate things
For Sue to do while the sun shines and moon sees
One on her left while the other one sings
For one day at a time is as patient as the seas.

Copyright 2001, Valerie Blondeau

Gamer Friend #2

In the game you can be what you want
A knight, mercenary, mage or whatever strikes you and then
Join up with friends to meet the foe
Gain lodes and lore and weapons beyond

Most times online do we meet and mix
The players that quest with us isn't that keen?
A night or a morn but not during the work week
Do we find the time to talk or play the switches.

Years pass and game upgrades keep us in heart
To try again at those demons that make our points rise.
We share the loot and plunder when the time is right
To come out on top, levelled, a Knight!

Copyright 2001, Valerie Blondeau

In Pictures

You feel with your fingers and see with a lens
The world outside and the hearts within.

Time stands still as you smell the new day
Temperature changes like the night rolls in.

A sigh or a kiss, hugs galore you give
To friends and family that ne'er leave.

To live for each day in the arms of a lady
You have found that special one who stands again.

Renewed as a pair, entwined, alike
You face each new adventure as time flies about.

Copyright 2001, Valerie Blondeau

The Director

You are a light that shines bright;
Inspires, delights.

Take wing on the moments,
It's a day's work with poets.

Thoughts that build pictures, escapes.
See through the bleary nightscapes!

You shine throughout the day
Well into the night's spray.

Come on into the world,
Look out for yourself inside, curled!

Copyright 2001, Valerie Blondeau

To Write

My first encounter
she stood tall and brown,
in the corner
not quite like stone.

Smell of linseed, wood
and faintly of smoke,
the attraction held
one step I took.

Fingers shook as I
went closer still
to see each compartment
pen and quill.

Ideas aplenty hit
my avid mind
as I pulled out the chair.
Hey, what a find!

Antique she is now
from my grandmother's time.
That roll-top desk
I wish her to be mine.

Copyright 2000, Valerie Blondeau


Ballerina dancer
so zesty and spry
Come dance with me now
on this windy eve night.

Movement so graceful
line so perfect.
You glide across the floor
in splendor and vivaciousness.

Your soul follows the music,
your feet the rhyme.
Show me the story,
the words, works and playtime.

Your body plays the mood,
the emotions, the mind.
How will you know when
to jump, pirouette, or fly?

Dance for yourself
and show the world your pate.
Time is near for your cue
the crescendo not late.

Up goes the curtain
Down goes the lights.
Up brightens the spotlight
upon your long flight!

Copyright 2000, Valerie Blondeau